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"The next American labor upsurge is on the horizon, but we must do the hard work necessary to make it a reality. Amazon will keep fighting workers who demand a safe workplace and a fair return on their labor, but our union and our broader movement is resilient. No company is more powerful than workers who are united and standing together, with their communities, in solidarity."

"Amazon Contract Drivers in California Join Teamsters Union" (FOX 11)

"This is the first strike by Amazon drivers in the U.S. A walkout was held at the Palmdale warehouse. 

According to the Teamsters union, Amazon has allegedly engaged in dozens of unfair labor practices in violation of federal labor law.

'Amazon has no respect for the rule of law, the health of its workers, or the livelihood of their families,' said Randy Korgan, Director of the Teamsters Amazon Division."

"The Teamsters Are Taking On Amazon" (THE AMERICAN PROSPECT)

"Everybody can recognize the unprecedented amount of money that has been generated by Amazon’s wealth and how Amazon has pushed into the transportation system and tried to dominate it. There doesn’t seem to be something good coming out of it for workers. "

"The Teamsters Announce Coordinated Nationwide Project to Unionize Amazon" (VICE)

"We understand transportation and logistics companies that are only motivated by profit will make changes that always end in workers losing. There’s been one unified organization for those workers and that’s been Teamsters members and the Teamsters union as a whole." 

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