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Labor Advocate  


  Randy Korgan first became involved in the Labor Movement volunteering time organizing in 1993 at the age of 21. His passion for worker justice was cemented as a Labor Advocate helping thousands organize since. He has served as an Organizer, Director of Organizing, Business Representative, Coordinator, International Representative, International Trustee of District Council 2 and Teamsters Local 630, Co-Chair for Southwest Food Industry Teamster Council, Personal Representative to the General President and Director of Organizing for Teamsters Joint Council 42.


  Over the course of time he has created a very comprehensive training program that has trained and developed dozens of organizers and volunteers on various projects organizing throughout the Region, Western United States and the Country in a number of industries with grass roots mobilization.


  Never being afraid of hard work, at eleven years of age he and his brother had to throw papers every day for the Sun Telegram and Fontana Harold on three routes to help pay the rent. His sometimes relentless drive sparks from never forgetting the struggles of difficult situations and respecting that others may have it worse.


  One of his fondest moments and having a deep respect for the Civil Rights Movement, he modeled a plan after it, registering over 700 people to vote in less than 8 hours, following up with nearly 500 votes by mail that made the difference in a highly contested Congressional election.


  Whether it’s through organizing, bargaining, training, mobilizing or political action he applies his mission purpose statement: 


"My mission is to genuinely help others, without a selfish intent, by complying with values that improve lives, no matter how insignificant it may seem."



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